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Why it's now View from the Loft instead of Let There Be Peace

Thursday, October 30, 2003


You may have noticed that I've changed the title of my blog, though not the URL. Or I may have alerted you to this fact.

I thought about stopping the blog entirely, but let some days pass before doing something that felt so drastic. Blogging becomes a habit after a while, although in my case not established to the point of having to do it every day. As a matter of fact, I was caught between wanting to blog and not wanting to blog, something that contributed (I think--we'll see if that's borne out in the future) to the recent scantiness of my posts. (Thanks, Hannah, for picking up some of the slack.)

Instead of quitting, I decided to go back to the title I originally used last year, before the war began to take up all the space on my blog. It's time for me to move away from that narrow focus, which begins to depress a person. Life is bigger than current events and politics, and I want my blog to reflect that.

Of course, if crisis mode should suddenly be appropriate, all that could change. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

I've kept the URL because that's what I'm listed as in blog search tools and in friends' bookmarks. So there's a little disjunction between URL and title--not a big deal, right?

I may also be removing or adding links as this blog evolves. The template stays until I can find or make one I like better, or perhaps until my current paid Blogger account expires--I may move to a different host at that time.

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